The 2020 vintage is brimming with attributes that make it a very special wine. Take a look at the current list and you are sure to find your favourite.

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Wilhelm Sitzius – my tip

Pure delight: our Sitzius Prestige Noir. The delicate flavour of blackcurrants and a hint of ripe figs pamper the palate – a great wine with a promising future.

Simply magnificent!

This is where vines with true potential grow.

The Nahe – a special winegrowing region in Germany

The great strength of the Naheland is the diversity of its soils. Due to the turbulent geological history of our region, we can find a great variety of soil types here. Quartzite and slate dominate in the lower Nahe and porphyry, melaphyre and red sandstone in the middle Nahe with residual soil and clay overlays of sandstone, loam and clay around Bad Kreuznach. In all, several hundred different varieties of soil can be found in this comparably small area – unique in Germany.

This diversity of soils is clearly reflected in the Nahe wines. Every soil has its own particular influence on the growth of the vines and therefore on the quality and the character and basic flavour of the wine. The fact that the winegrowers grow the vines on the most suitable and most south-facing locations and what’s more in a climate enjoying high levels of sunshine, is another special feature of Nahe wine.

The home of great Rieslings

The Nahe is regarded as one of the best German growing regions for Riesling. Unsurprisingly, there is a 60% share of Riesling wines among the Sitzius wines with Pinot blanc, gris and noir making up a further 30%.


We fully appreciate the great advantages granted us by the tradition of our winegrowing business. It is due to this long tradition for example, that we are able to obtain all our wines without exception from classified and highly fertile top growing locations such as Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle or Langenlonsheimer Königsschild. In these locations, some of the vines are many decades old and produce fascinatingly delicate and sophisticated wines.


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The Sitzius vineyards

Highly fertile and without exception classified locations give our wines their fantastic terroir:


In Langenlonsheim


In Niederhausen


In Oberhausen