The 2019 vintage is brimming with attributes that make it a very special wine. Take a look at the current list and you are sure to find your favourite.

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Wilhelm Sitzius – my tip

Pure delight: our Sitzius Prestige Noir. The delicate flavour of blackcurrants and a hint of ripe figs pamper the palate – a great wine with a promising future.

Love of food meets love of wine

Or the other way round – the main thing is it tastes good

Our wines can, of course, be enjoyed on their own but they can also be wonderfully paired with the culinary creations that leave the kitchen of our Wine Tavern. Although there are both regional and Mediterranean dishes, they have one thing in common: you will undoubtedly find the ideal wine to go with your food from our wine list.

Appetizers - our starters

  • Cream of tomato soup with herbal foam
  • Sitzius potato leek soup with baked blood sausage or salmon strips
  • Bruschetta Baguette with tomatoes and garlic baked in the oven

Little things to accompany the wine

  • Beef carpaccio with sliced Parmesan
  • "Neue Langenlonsheimer Bescheidenheit": salmon tartar with potato rösti and sour cream
  • Cellar master cheese pickled in Scheurebe with hearty farmhouse bread
  • Homemade tarte flambée, classic with bacon and onions
  • Mediterranean tarte flambée with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil   
  • Flammkuchen Gourmet
  • Herb prawns in garlic

Fish, meat and more - our main courses

  • Heaven and Earth Potato biscuits, apple slices au gratin, black pudding
  • Palatinate farmer's aspic with remoulade sauce and fried potatoes
  • Goat cheese on Mediterranean vegetables
  • Salad plate with rump steak strips
  • Pink roasted slices of roast beef with homemade remoulade sauce and fried potatoes
  • Sitzius salad plate with warm goat cheese and walnuts
  • Schnitzel Wiener Art with fried potatoes
  • Grilled pork loin steak with mushroom and Riesling sauce and fried potatoes
  • Filetto with Spagettinis - fillet strips with pepperoni and garlic
  • Pork tenderloin pot with noodles in mushroom cream
  • Rump steak from "Hunsrücker Jungbullen" with onions or with herb butter
  • Garnish portion of fried potatoes
  • Side dish mixed salad

Finally - our desserts

  • Tarte au Chocolat with ice cream
  • Vanilla ice cream with cherries
  • Small cheese variation

We will keep your palate happy

Depending on the season or the whims of our chefs, we also offer different themed dishes in addition to the fixed menu of the Wine Tavern, for example we have game weeks or Italy days – we make sure there is plenty of variety!


And now

… bon appétit